Eman Mohamed

Tour Operator

I have studied tourism , I have a bachelor degree, and I have been running tours Egypt since 2019.
It's always a great pleasure to give a real travel experience, visiting archaeological sites and museums, learn about the history and culture of Egypt, meet the locals , taste the local cuisine , and above all have fun .
Aside from regular tours that cover all the popular tourist's spots , I take you off the beaten track , by organizing featured activities, and make tour experience exceed your expectation.

Discover Luxor the Sun City of the 100 Doors from the Sky

Luxor, One of the most renowned cities in the world, Luxor houses a third of the monuments on the UNESCO list of world heritage.The Egyptian city holds the keys to the secret of the ancient Egyptian civilization. Its land is enchanting and the eternal River Nile flows through it gracefully.It is no wonder, then, that Luxor has been given dozens of names. It is the City of the Sun, the City of Light, Ancient Thebes, the City of 100 Gates, to mention but a few.

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COP 27 : What you should know about the Sharm El-Sheikh Climate Summit?

Attention is directed to this summit, in which world leaders and high-ranking United Nations officials will participate, as well as thousands of environmental activists from all over the world.

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