Ahmed Allam
29 Dec

Jordanian FAM trip - Meet the Sunrise in EGYPT

Meet the Sunrise in EGYPT, this is our slogan during the visit of 15 Jordanians travel agencies to visit Cairo and Sharm El Sheikh with the invitation of Saladino Tours represented by Mr. Ahmed Allam (Chairman Saladino Tours) under the care of Egyptian Tourism Authority.

The main reasons for arranging this trip:
1- Clarify the precautionary measures and health safety controls that Egypt has taken to resume incoming foreign tourism.
2- The importance of coordination and cooperation in the field of tourism between Egypt and Jordan during the coming period through the development of joint tourism programs between Egypt and Jordan, to enable tourists from all over the world to visit the two countries through a joint program.
3- Develop a marketing plan before the beginning of the summer season and discuss it with Jordanian travel and tourism agencies, discuss the product and how to work on developing and diversifying the product.
4- Visit the suggested hotels in Cairo and Sharm El-Sheikh and learn about the precautionary measures followed by the hotels, since the start of Covid 19 crisis.