Long stay holiday in Egypt
Ahmed Allam
05 Nov

Long stay holiday in Egypt

Because of the cold winter, Egypt's hotels are offering to the European tourists with long-stay offers. Incentive offers for European tourists to stay in Egyptian hotels for a long time due to the conditions which European countries are currently facing with a change in climate.

Egyptian Tourist Authority is in the process of organizing a promotional campaign across Europe to attract European tourists and encourage them to stay in Egyptian hotels and spend Egypt Beach holiday for a long stay, by providing incentive offers through tour operators or through the hotel's reservation platforms to work on attracting this type of tourism.

Hotels provide incentive offers to attract European tourists at a good time, because there are suffering from some issues, most notably the high price of energy and climate changes.

Long-stay tourism programs in Egypt will have several privileges, most notably those who stay for long periods will get more discounts and higher hotel benefits, and this is scheduled to take place between tourist hotels and their agents abroad.

After the repercussions of Corona on the tourism sector, all the markets will return to normal. there will be an increase again in the tourism movement, which injects hard currency into the artery of the Egyptian economy.

Saladino Tours is offering very attractive and discounted offers for long stay customers at beach destinations in Egypt (Sharm EL Sheikh, Hurghada and Marsa Alam). Our offers include the accommodation based on all inclusive meals and beverages with very interested excursions during our client’s stay.