Zeinab Hossam

Tour Operator

The charms of Alexandria

Nothing satiates the bibliophile in me better. And what excited me most about my trip to Alexandria was its library – the grand Bibliotheca Alexandrina. The tingling sensation I had at the tip of my fingers and toes as I took a three-hour drive to the beautiful city from Egypt’s capital, Cairo, was completely justified. 

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Tutankhamun centenary celebration of the discovery of his tomb

With the advent of the centenary of the discovery of the most important pharaonic tomb in the history of Egypt, the tomb of the young king "Tutankhamun", which came out on November 4, 1922 in front of the whole world, Luxor Governorate is witnessing a series of different and varied activities to celebrate this special anniversary and the passage of 100 years since the most important archaeological discovery In the history of mankind as a whole, given the size of the holdings, which exceeded 5,000 artifacts, according to historians and archaeologists at the time.

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